What next?

Alright time for a new update. Well now that you know that being an author doesn’t guaranty fame and fortune, and in fact you will have an income more on par with normal middle class family’s, depending on how many books you have out, lets continue this journey.

The next thing you should do is join a writers workshop of some sort. True I know your mom and sister think your works the greatest thing since sliced bread, but aren’t they just a little bit biased? A good example comes to mind that my mother always talks about. Back when my little sister was much younger, her and a friend were sitting at my mothers feet. They were both drawing pictures, I assume with crayons. anyways every new picture my sister would give to my mother for her opinion on how good it was.

Needless to say my mom would tell her it was the best thing she ever saw, and similar gushing comments with each drawing. after awhile even my sister began to get suspicious about all the praise, so when my mother wasn’t watching, she traded pictures with her friend, and then asked if this drawing was any good. Well of course mom heralded it’s praises as being one of the best drawings she ever saw etc. At that point the jig was up and my little sister called her out on it.

My point is, that our family and friends hopefully love us, and they see everything we do with beer goggles on. They men well, but there not the best judges. Thats where the workshops come in. Most of them that have any value cost you at least a subscription. Usually quite small that almost anyone could afford. If my car insurance cost me this much I’d be a happy man. Here’s a few suggestions to go check out. There are a lot more then these few I list, but these are the ones I’ve actually used in the past.

Fanstory http://www.fanstory.com/ It’s not likely to give you the best critiques around, but it’s cheep, and they have lots of contest’s with cash gift cards every month. A good way to get your feet under you and maybe make some cash as well.

The next big writer http://www.thenextbigwriter.com/index.html
is the next place I made my stop at. You get some good advice from people here, and if you do join them, make sure you join a genre group. It will help get you more critiques faster, as there are not many people on this site but the ones that are will really help in their reviews chapter by chapter.

Finally for the budget minded I recommend
The place is free, and there is a small chance that you can get your book published there as it is Harper Collins famed slush pile, but the critiques are not only fairly gushy, they usually only read your opening chapter. How ever I still do keep a presence there so it can’t all that bad, even tho I think the forums have went to hell. You might want to avoid them. Alright I think that doe’s it for this installment. Hopefully this will help you on your way to being an published author. Next post we will actually start looking at more in depth info. Until then, follow your dreams.

P.S. heres another link to info from a published author, on how much money do authors really make. http://www.kimberlypauley.com/2009/04/20/so-how-much-money-do-writers-make-anyway/


~ by targoun on May 5, 2010.

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