New novels first chapter

Hey there. I thought I’d share the first chapter to the novel I’m currently working on. Once I finish this one I’m going to finish up the sequels to Fallen Blood and shades of Twilight. Anyways here it is, and I hope you enjoy it.

How many years has it been since my days became nights and my nights became days? More than three, but less than eight I would guess. Time was different for me since I changed. Nothing had escaped that horrid night that seemed so long ago, and yet the memory was as fresh as if it had been the night before. I often wonder what my life would be like had I stayed at home rather than wandering the town in search of entertainment. Pointless the thought, yet very much important to me. It was a piece of my humanity that still clung on in the face of a dark immortality. A piece that I myself found necessary if I were to survive, and the thing I had become were to remain in check.

Tonight like every night since the first one, it was dark. It befitted someone like me, a creature of the night and a man in utter torment. I would have happily stayed in hiding, avoiding the nightly hunt that plagued me with an endless stream of memories. With faces that were no more thanks to an endless thirst that seemed to fill me and drive me ever outward when the sun would set. Tonight was no different than all the others.

I sought to end my existence at the start. The idea of a noble death to finish what I had become had ended as quickly as it had come into existence. A makeshift stake driven into my beating heart only found that what I thought would be an end, only became more agony. The stake failed to do anything but cause me the second most agonizing pain I had ever felt. The most agonizing was my second attempt. I trapped myself in an area I thought I could not escape and watched as the morning sun rose into the sky.

Both attempts ended in exactly the same way. The pain became more than I could bear, and then I lost my awareness. When it returned in both instances, a fresh corpse sat at my feet, drained completely of its life blood. My injuries were gone and what was left of my sanity was restored. Somehow my body refused to die, and in the process took another. The shame I felt at both of those failures was only dwarfed by repulsion at what I became. A vampire, sure and true.

How it had happened, even I was not sure. One moment I was human, lost in revelry and wine. The next was darkness and the cold that only the dead can feel. I awoke several days later, sprawled out in the back alley of an unknown place, the full moon at its zenith. The shine of it had just touched my weakened form, and smoke and pain erupted where the moon’s kiss touched. To say I had been confused that night was an understatement. An aggressive dog had saved me that night from the rays of the moon, its blood giving me the strength to resist the sun’s reflection off that great orb in the sky.

Without its donation, I’m sure that night would have been my last. The weakness of that new birth was too much without the aid of fresh blood. I found that I could never go without it for very long, or madness would take me. A madness I feared I would never wake up from.

So it was this fear that brought me out tonight, as it did every night. To hunt while I still had the choice. So long as I was in control and not the hunger, then it was my choice who would live and who would die. Vampire I may have become, yet the evils that name held I refuse to become.

Los Angeles. The city of angels, or so it was called. In the years that I wandered its streets searching for what I needed to keep me whole, I never ran into one of these. Perhaps they existed, after all, I did. If something so foul as what I became were here, then why not something so pure? It seemed reasonable to me, at least partly so. The logic was sound. Who knew what existed in this world if vampires were real? Anything could be possible.

Tonight, however, angels were not what I hunted. There was something less pure than that walked the streets below me. A group of men dressed in sweats, colored completely in red. I had been following them for the last twenty minutes. Six of them walked as one down the side of the street. I knew they were armed as I watched them emerge from a car several miles back, hiding pistols under their shirts as they did so.

Trouble is what they sought, and like me, they were on the hunt. Predators looking for prey. I couldn’t help but notice in the back of my mind the similarities the men shared with me. I could almost understand their desires, their drives. It was a part of me that I submersed and refused to acknowledge its existence. It was that part that I hated and despised, the part that drew me to them.

I followed as close as I dared, my path leading me above them along the empty roof tops. I paused and waited for them to catch up to me whenever I pulled too far ahead of them. My dead heart pumped in anticipation when I caught sight of the group’s quarry. A lone man, maybe in his forties had his car’s hood lifted up as he himself poked and prodded at the thing’s innards. He wasn’t aware of his danger until it was too late. The first one to confront the man posed as if he were there to help him.

The lone man was startled at first, and the smell of his fear rose up to my perch as I watched, drawing the hunger and the need to hunt just that much more out of control. Yet the time was not right, at least not yet. Soon it would be, but not now.

The man’s apprehension did not entirely pass away at the sight of the other’s obvious gang colors, but the one who first approached him had a way with words, and quickly got him off his guard as he leaned into the cars maw and began to poke around as well. I wondered how much longer they would keep this charade up. It wouldn’t be long, I knew. Even now several of the youth were looking up and down the street, verifying that the coast was clear. Their victim, not realizing his danger or refusing to believe it even existed, began to accept the lie, and leaned into the car’s engine compartment to poke around with the first youth.

A part of me felt a bit amused at the victim’s shock when the other gang members struck. They were quick and efficient. A few quick blows targeting soft and vulnerable parts of the man’s body sent him reeling to the ground, defenseless and easy pickings. They drug him quickly out of sight into a nearby alley where they could take their time with him. I really had no idea what their plans for him were. Perhaps they intended on just robbing him and maybe having just a little bit of sport with him. The desires and the doings of mortals have slowly slipped away from my psyche. Sure, I remember the mechanics, of course. I just don’t quite understand the motivations anymore. As time goes by, these things seem to slip away, little by little.

The stronger ones I can still understand, at least I think I can, and the ones that go along with my nature. Those I have found a new understanding of, an enlightening that I doubt any human could possibly understand. A depth of illumination that scares me and at times sickens me. The others, like love, and loyalty, I struggle almost daily to persevere and protect from the darkness.

What I fear above all else is the loss of everything that I once was.

Now, however, is the time to let that beast out. Not completely, lest I lose myself and never find my way back, yet, as much as I hate what I have become, the need to feed must have its time. The choice of locale for the robbery was perfect for me. The darkness was deep, and with my help it became much deeper. The first guard died under my hands, his neck bones splintering as I twisted his head completely around. The second who had been trying to watch the sport of the robbery turned just in time to feel my hand pierce his chest as I grabbed his still beating heart and removed it from his shaking body. His eyes open in terror and he fell to the ground twitching.

The other four turned as they heard their comrades’ bodies hit the ground. I stood there smiling as I lifted their friend’s heart to my mouth and licked it. The taste was tangy and not quite right. Obviously the youth had taken some sort of drugs before this robbery. Maybe it was for courage, or perhaps just for fun. All I knew was that it altered the taste. In some ways that could be good. After all, who wants to drink the same wine night after night? Eventually the flavor begins to dull and the want for it lessons. Not that my need for blood ever seemed to leave me, but the taste…that was something different.

This group must have been high. Their reaction time was so slow, it was almost as if they couldn’t comprehend what happened.. The first shot wasn’t fired until after I had squished the heart I held and tossed it aside. I walked casually to my next target, a tall youth, mostly lanky. He held two pistols and fired over and over at me as I closed in on him. The bullets felt quite pleasant. I know that sounds silly, but really, there is something about them that make me feel more real when they pierce my flesh.

Perhaps that is why cutters do it to themselves. There’s something about that feeling that makes you realize you just are. Then again, perhaps being dead has made me a bit crazy. I wouldn’t be surprised if that were the truth. After all, my entire existence now composed of hunting and hiding. How could I not go a little crazy? The tall youth emptied his guns by the time I reached him. I was in no hurry, I wanted the beast to get its fill, after all it existed for more than to feed. It existed to kill. It was evil incarnate. An evil these men could never understand and never should.

I lifted the tall one into the air over my head, while the others reloaded their weapons.

I waited until they were finished, so I had their attention. The one in my hands wailed and kicked in a vain attempt to make me drop him. I was taken by surprise when the other three didn’t immediately fire. The fact that they had some loyalty to one of their own surprised me. Usually these types think only of themselves and would have fired as soon as possible. These, however, apparently didn’t want to hit their friend, or perhaps I gave them too much credit and they had just come to the realization that their bullets were worthless. Either way, it changed nothing. I had their attention and that is all I wanted…for now. I twisted and pulled the squirming flesh above me, causing it to rip in two, spilling its innards and fluids down over my head. The warmth and smell filled me with renewed energy and a deepening hunger. I was going to have to eat soon. The temptation to just feed was starting to overwhelm me. I was going to have to end this faster than I wanted to.

Two of the youths cursed in loud voices, then turned and fled for their lives. The second, the one with the persuasive voice who had gotten the man to lower his guard simply backed away into a wall and continued to fire at me. The need to feed was almost too much now as I stood in the pile of entrails that slid down my body. I couldn’t wait much longer, still I couldn’t leave any witness. The two that ran I made short work of. The fun and games time were over, and I really couldn’t wait any longer. No human can out run a vampire, I move so fast that I’m sure I’m just a blur to most men. The two died with my hands through their backs.

Voice was where I left him, still standing there, leaning against the wall he had pushed himself against. “What are you, man?”

There was no point in answering him. There never was. What can the wolf say to the sheep?

I grabbed him and lifted him off his feet. I hadn’t realized I had saved the smallest for last. This could pose a problem if there wasn’t enough. I suppose I would just have to be extra careful not to spill any.

“Put me down, man–NO!”

His blood had that same tangy taste that the others had. Its living warmth filled me and strengthened me. I could feel it rushing through every fiber of my being like fire. It was intoxicating. Every single time it was the same, and yet stronger. I wondered if one day I would actually explode from the inside out from the sense of power and life that I felt with each drop of blood that I drained from Voice. His struggles weakened as did his cries. I could barely feel his flailing blows as he beat on me in an attempt to make me stop. As if a human’s blows could ever dissuade me from feeding. All too soon, the glorious stream of liquid life came to a stop.

I sucked with all my strength to get just a little more and was rewarded with a few more drops of liquid gold. The fire still filled my every fiber, but still I wanted more. It was the same every time. In the beginning I killed dozens of men and women in an attempt to end the thirst. No matter how many I drained, or how quickly I moved to the next one, the thirst would not be quenched. To this day, I don’t think an ocean of blood would sate it. Nothing natural could ever put that need out.

“Raymond? Is that you Raymond?”

I turned and saw the victim sitting on the ground. His face swollen with fresh blood running from several wounds in his face. The smell of it seemed to permeate the entire area. I wasn’t sure what it was, but living blood always smelled so much sweeter than the dead’s, it sung to me like a siren’s call. A call that this time I was determined not to follow. The blood of another man now flowed through me, and it gave me the strength to say no to the thirst. It was the one victory I had over it, the one thing I could do to deny this un-death.

“Oh my God, it is you! We thought you were dead!”

I let the dead body of Voice slide to the ground as I began to understand what this victim was trying to tell me. I turned and studied the victim. Did I know him?

“My God, Raymond, what has happened to you?”

“Mr. Peterson?” I heard my voice croak as my memory began to return to me. The face of my old history teacher floated before me as I looked into the confused and badly beaten face of the person I had just saved.

“Raymond…what’s going on here? How did you do these things to these men?” He looked around at the carnage I had just created. That didn’t concern me as much as what he had said earlier did.

“Mr. Peterson, what are you doing here?” I asked. A part of me cared and another that could care less. Too bad for that part, as I was now in control, thanks to Voice.

Mr. Peterson did not seem to care to answer that. “Raymond…I’m sorry, but you should know. After you disappeared, your parents both died in a tragic car accident.”

“What about my sister?” I heard myself say. Long forgotten feelings welled up inside of me, confusing and chasing away everything that was vampire inside of me. It was a strange sensation, and very empowering.

“We…we don’t know. She just disappeared like you, Son. Her body was never found.”

Never found? My parents were dead? The thoughts pounded through my head and the world began to spin inward on me. I found myself sitting on the ground not far from my old history teacher, tears pouring from my eyes. I would not have ever thought if I lived forever that I could have feelings like what I felt right then. Years before, for my family’s sake I turned my back on them. I couldn’t have them find out what I had become. They wouldn’t understand, they might not even see me as their son any longer. For their sakes, I left them behind when I became this monster. I’d hoped they would live out their lives safe from the thing that I had become.

Never could I have thought that something like this could have happened to them.

“Mr. Peterson…did they search for her?”

The man nodded his head, a look of puzzlement filling his face. I suppose he was in shock. The beating and the killings he had witnessed. Humans after all, were very fragile. For proof of that, all one had to do was look at me. In one fell swoop, my humanity had done to me what no gang member had succeeded in doing.

“Raymond, explain to me what’s going on here.”

I could hear the desperation building in his voice. Whatever shock he had been in was quickly fading fast. I was going to have to do something soon, or things could get out of control. Tonight, there had been enough killings.

I used some of my new found strength to use another one of my useful talents. “Mr. Peterson,” I said as I forced my will on him. “Go home. Take a cab and have a tow truck pick up your car. Nothing happened here. You didn’t see me.” I said.

He nodded his head and picked himself up. I watched as he left the alleyway, and realized I would have to watch him from afar to make sure he found that taxi safely. After all, if I spared him, no one else was going to have him.

I found several of the gang’s guns that still had rounds in them, and emptied them into the corpses that were laying about the ground. Once satisfied, I returned to the roof tops and soon found my old school teacher just climbing into a local cab.

His ordeal was over, but I had a feeling mine was about to begin.


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