Fallen Blood Chap. 3

Several minutes later, Brian stood up from the couch, still thinking about the invisible wall that he had run into. Before leaving he had tried twice more to get through whatever it was, failing each time. In his final attempt, he had actually taken a running start from the top of the stairs and tried to jump to the bottom landing, only to be stopped short at the same place. It felt like a solid wall that time, as he had bounced on it. Lucky he hadn’t been solid at the time, or he most likely would have fallen onto his rear end. Besides being a bit ignoble, he had no doubt those wooden steps would have been painful to fall onto.

Walking to the front window, Brian pulled the curtain aside and searched for the hidden SUV. Unfortunately, it was still there. He really had hoped it would have gone by now, but if any of those crime shows that were so popular these days had any shred of truth in them, then they would most likely remain until Heather was found. He wondered if the government would even consider looking in his house for her. To the best of his knowledge, no one knew his true feelings for Heather, so that alone should keep her safe, but still…she couldn’t stay here forever even if he wanted her to. Sooner or later, she would leave, or people would come looking for him, and wonder where he had disappeared to.

The walk up to his bedroom gave him a chance to decided on a course of action. He needed information, and those men in the SUV would most likely have some for him. The question was, would it be worth the risk? That’s always what it seemed to be in his life. Risk vs. reward. There was always that battle going. Should he continue the risk of going to school, or was the risk of not going even higher? It seemed each day that he got older, more and more risks were required of him each day. Much more than when he was younger, or when his mother was still alive.

Heather was still fast asleep as he entered the room He had no doubt she was tired after the ordeal she went through tonight. Hopefully, the next day would bring some much needed answers. She was so beautiful laying there on his bed. The curve of her hips rounded perfectly as she slept in the fetal position. She had grabbed one of his pillows while he had been out, and now hugged it tightly to her face and breasts, and even now her hair looked like golden thread spun perfectly and placed just right on her head. He wondered what she was dreaming right now. He was suppose to be there with her in her dreams…he had waited all night for this chance, and now it was passing away. First thanks to Chuck and his stupid party, and now this.

“It wouldn’t hurt to visit just for a second.” He said to himself, as he wrestled with what needed to be done and what he wanted to do. He could slip inside for a few minutes, make sure she was okay, and then slip back out and finish what needed to be done before the sun came up. He knew it would be hard to leave once he joined up with her, but he was finding it hard to concentrate without being with her. Just a few minutes he thought. whats it going to hurt? After all something could go wrong and who knows when I could get this chance again.

Carefully, he climbed onto his bed, taking as much precaution as he could to be careful, not wanting to wake her. Slowly, he slid up to her until he was perfectly spooned next to her warm body. Her touch was like paradise. The sound of her soft breathing was like listening to a masterful orchestra, and her heart beat the rhythm of her soul. If there was a heaven, this had to be it. He couldn’t imagine anything more wonderful than being curled up on his own bed with her. The thrill of it threatened to prevent him from relaxing, but relax he was going to have to do. He needed her tonight, and he was sure she needed him, at least he hoped she did. He closed his eyes and just listened to the symphony that her body sung to him. Her scent was intoxicating, and the perfect vehicle to help him make the transition. A pop sounded in the back of his head as he slipped from his corporeal form. There was no distance to travel, so he found himself at his destination almost at once.

A grassy field rolled all around him. The smell of summer was strong, as flowers seemed to be freshly growing everywhere he looked. Nearby, he could see her rolling around in the flowers laughing and just enjoying herself. She wore an almost see-through summer dress, pink with blue flower patterned on it. He almost didn’t want to bother her, as she looked to be having to so much fun rolling in the grass, throwing flowers up into the air.

“Heather?” He called to her as he walked closer to her.

“Brian?” She paused sitting up and looked at him. “Brian!” She squealed and jumped up and ran to him jumping in his arms and began hugging him.”I wondered where you were.”

“I’m her now, Heather.” He pulled her head back enough so he could look into her beautiful eyes, and admire here perfect face.

“I was having the worst nightmare a little while ago.” Darkness started to fill the grassy field as black storm clouds began to roll over head. Brian looked up and willed them to pass. “My parents were being taken away by FBI, and you wouldn’t let me help them…” Her tanned face began to frown as she looked at him, trying to remember what had happened not so long ago when she was awake.

“It was a dream, Heather. I wouldn’t let anything happen to you or your family.” The dark clouds began to thin. “It’s my job to protect you and to watch over you.” He smiled what he hoped was the most charming smile he could muster.

Her frown changed into a smile, and she laid her head on his chest. “You’re right, I’m sorry for accusing you, it just seemed so real…”

He brushed the back of her silky blonde hair as to comfort her. “It was just a dream, Sweetheart.” He really wished it had been. He didn’t have a choice earlier. What could he do? Let her get arrested trying to save her parents? He might as well have just let her get caught originally, then at least her parents would be safe. None of that was suppose to matter in here. She wasn’t suppose to be worrying about this in here. He needed to get hr to go on an adventure so she would relax and rest up for tomorrow.

“Heather, lets go to our castle. We haven’t been there in awhile.”

“Okay,” she said, and smiled up at him. Her blue eyes twinkled.

Abruptly, the skyline changed and a large white castle rose up from the flowery field. Banners flew from every turret and every high place that anyone could reach.

This is better. he thought. Something to get her mind off of things.

The two of them walked hand in hand as a pink carriage came rolling out of the distant gate, pulled along by white stallions. Since this was a dream, they moved incredibly fast, and covered the distance to them before they had taken more then a few steps in their direction. As the little closed carriage came to a stop next to the couple, Brian reached up and opened the door, revealing a cushy and pillowed interior, all colored in pink. Turning, he lifted her up and swirled her in a circle as she giggled until he put her down into the coach.

“You’re going to hurt yourself one of these times,” she said.

“I don’t think so. You’re a light s a feather,” he laughed.


“Yes, My Princess?”

“Who’s that?”

Turning, Brian was surprised to see one of those government agents standing not far away, his hand against his ear, as he talked into his wrist. A dark cloud passed overhead again. blocking off most of the light, as a thick, almost solid fog began rising up from the ground, a stale sickly smell rose with it.

“He’s not there, Sweet One. He’s just an illusion.” He coughed at the surprisingly foul odor that was now the fog.

“Look!” She cried, “there’s more, and they’re coming for me!”

Sure enough, there were now three of the men in black suits. They were all walking confidently, talking to not-so-hidden microphones as they came. Fog ran like tracers behind them, as their speed started to pick up. A scream spun Brian back around to find the coach had changed from bright pink to dark black. The coach door slammed shut in front of him and the window now had bars. Heather stared out at him through them and screamed. “Whats happening to me? Why cant I get out!”

The door was locked, now, and no matter how hard he pulled on it, he could not get it to open. A man in black looked down from the driver’s seat on top of the coach and laughed a hollow, empty laugh. He cracked a wicked looking multi-forked whip at the train of horses, pulling the coach door out of Brians hand, and sending the coach charging toward the now black castle.

“What the hell?” Brian wasn’t sure what was going on here. He had seen some nightmares in the past that she had, but nothing like this.

“Brian! Help me!” She screamed from the speeding coach.

“I’m coming!” He yelled back at her, just as six arms grabbed him from behind. How they got him around his neck and his chest, as well as his legs, he had no idea. He tried to break away from these phantom agents only to find they were stronger than himself.

“This isn’t possible, you’re just humans!” he realized the absurdity as he said it, when in fact they weren’t human at all. He had to stop treating this as if it were real, and remember this was a dream. In dreams, the laws of physics did not apply. With a thought he passed through all six arms , having become as insubstantial as the mist that surrounded him now.

The three agents seemed unperturbed by his escape, and moved with him, reaching and grabbing in a vain attempt to grapple him.

“This is getting ridiculous.” Brian waved his hand, and the mist that had just been slowly rising up and doing nothing more than hovering about the place came alive at his command. The fog rolled and shifted and struck out at the three agents, wrapping them in thick tendrils as strong as steel bonds. At least that’s what Brian wanted it to be. Since this was a dream, anything he wanted should be his to create or command. The key was not to get wrapped up in this fantasy land and forget that it wasn’t real.

A scream reminded him of the apparent danger Heather was in. From the looks of it, she was almost to the castle entrance.

“Well, I hope you boys don’t mind, but I have a damsel to rescue!” He nodded to the thrashing men in black, and willed himself to the inside of the coach.

“Brian, you’re here!” Heather cried, and wrapped her arms around him, her lips coming into contact with his, surprisingly eager and hungry. He had thought this was to be a simple rescue, but now it just might be more. The speeding coach rose up into the air then dropped back down, send it’s two occupants flying apart.

“Brian, what is going on?”

He considered telling her the truth. After all, these were her dreams, and she should be able to take control of them far better than he, but he knew it would never work. He could never make her understand what was really going on. It would be better if he just played along and got her to, as well, that way she could change everything with a drop of a hat the moment her mood changed. Looking out of the locked coach, Brian could see that the front gate had been what caused the jolt. The black carriage was now entering the courtyard of what used to be Heather’s princess castle. The place was a favorite of her’s time and time again, so he was a little bit surprised to see how it was now decorated. In the place of bright banners now waved what appeared to be the dead bodies of her friends and family. Everywhere he looked they were duplicated in macabre positions throughout the high place of the castle. Agents seemed to be in the positions of all her old servants, and even now he could see several of them nailing another corpse of Chuck to the side of a tower.

Admittedly, he did look good hanging there, but the last thing he needed was Heather thinking about him now.

“Heather, I need you to trust me.”

“I do trust you sir, Brian.” Ah, he was knight in this dream. Well, he’d rather be another prince here to take her hand in marriage, but a knight could be fun, too.

“Hold on to me tightly, and close your eyes.” He said to her.

“Why? Whatever for?”

“Trust me princess, no ham will come to you,” She nodded and closed her eyes, grasping him tightly around his waist. He needed to do this quickly before she lost control of herself and thus took control of everything subconsciously again. It only took a moment and they were both standing outside the castle walls a good distance away from it.

“Open your eyes.”

She did and looked around in wonderment. “How did you do that? ” She smiled and brought her hands together in front of her face as she coyly looked at him.

“A magician never reveals his secrets, My Lady.” He bowed deeply to her.

“My hero!” She embraced him, and once again pressed her lips against his. He could feel her breath against him, and the firmness of her body and breasts pressed tightly against his. He had always enjoyed these encounters in the past, and yet it somehow felt hollow this time around. He couldn’t help but wonder what her real lips would taste like. What would the firmness of her breasts feel like as they pressed up against his chest? It was one thing to dream about it, but right now in the real world, the two of them laid in the same bed, pressed tightly together, and this fantasy was but a shadow of what could be right now, if he were to wake and wake her as well. .

He opened his eyes and pulled away from her kiss. The field and castle were no more, and neither were the pink dress with blue flowers. In their place was a black, red frilled garter belt and panties… topped with the same color bra, They were now standing in a honeymoon sweet with a large, red, heart-shaped bed. It could get real confusing in here at times when her mood was constantly changing.

“My Hero. I think it’s time to give you your reward.” She said as she stuck her finger in her mouth and then slowly pulled it out. “Why don’t we get you out of those nasty clothes?” she said as she walked as sexy as he could ever imagine. He hadn’t noticed that she was wearing six inch stilettos before, but it did look good to him

You know, maybe this isn’t the real thing, but it isn’t half that bad. he thought

“Room service!” a loud knock at the door interrupted them

“Did you order anything?” He asked, expecting a yes.

She shook her head. “Tell them to go away.”

“Not now!” He yelled at the door, “we’re busy, come back later.”

Heather giggled and bent down to unbuckle his belt. A loud crash caused them to both jump as an axe-head burst through the hotel door, producing a large hole. A man with slick backed hair and black sun glasses stuck his head in a moment after pulling the axe back. “I said ROOM SERVICE!” The agent screamed at them.

“Oh my God, they’re coming for me!” Heather screamed as the agent took another chunk out of the door with the the axe he was using.

“I cannot believe this…” Brian shook his head

“We need to run, we need to get out of here!” She put her hands on her head and started jumping in a circle.

“Heather, relax,” Brian stood up and walked over to the door. The agent stuck his head back in and growled at him barring his teeth. Brian leaned his face just out of reach of the growling agent and locked eyes with him for a split second. “Hit yourself with that axe.”

The Agent paused, then pulled his head back into the hallway, a second later a meaty ‘thunk’ sound came from the hallway.

Brian smiled to himself and turned back to calm Heather. Two, red, glowing eyes looked in from outside the room’s window. They were there for only a second, staring at him, as if pondering him, and then they vanished.

A sickly feeling filled his stomach as he locked eyes with whatever he thought he saw, then, like the eye’s themselves, the feeling was gone.


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