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Well, with the tour now over it’s time to start writing again. I always find it so difficult to just find the time to write and to blog. Not to mention Facebook. It seems just so redundant to post the same stuff over and over, but in a different site. Hm… Oh, and let’s not start with Twitter and my blog at Goodreads. Egads, it’s just too much! =( I’ll live, I’m sure, anyways I’ve been reading other Indy authors’ blogs to just get a feel of what the heck are they writing about. I mean I don’t know about you, but I would get bored if all the posts were nothing but ads for my books, which unfortunately that’s just what they seem to be becoming. So, what to write, that’s interesting and not boring?


Well, from that comes a big blank. One thing I did notice is that a lot of authors seem to use their blogs like an extended Twitter. Rather than just a small comment, they actually talk more in depth about whats going on with them and their projects. So with that in mind I figured I’d make this little post to try and warm up to blogging.


I’m currently working on the sequel to Shades of Twilight. It’s current name (which will be subject to change if all of a sudden I don’t like it =P) is Shades of Darkness. I’m currently elbow deep trying to get the next installment fit for consumption. The biggest trouble for me is Melissa. I’m torn by the sheer dislike of her by a lot of readers. I know she whines a bit, but the reality is that the poor girl has lived a sheltered life. She really has no real experience with any adversities in her life. She’s had a wonderful Plesantville type of life, and for the first time she’s finding that the world isn’t all peaches and cream.


My original plan was and still remains, to watch her develop and grow as a person. I’m taking this series as a whole from start to finish rather than just as separate books with a similar story. If that makes sense. Anyway, I just wanted to update you all. So I guess I need to stop here and get to writing. After all, it’s not going to write itself. Anyway, take care everyone.


~ by targoun on February 13, 2011.

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