A year in review

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Well, I’m guessing that some of you are wondering how it’s going for this new author. I have to admit it’s been quite a ride of discovery over the last year. So far I would say it’s been pretty successful as well. How successful you ask? Well, lets take a look. I self published back in December of 2009. I had one book at the time and I published through Kindle. My first couple of months were less than spectacular. After all I didn’t have a clue what I was doing.  So here’s the first 5 months, royalty included.

Sales/ Royalty

Dec. 2009              6/$2.10

Jan. 2010               8/$2.80

Feb. 2010            16/$8.05

March 2010          5/$3.50

April 2010             7/2.45

As you can see, I’m not going to get rich at that rate. Sales were almost non-existent at that point. In May I released my book’s sequel.

May 2010             35/$12.95

Apparently releasing the new book caused a surge of interest.  In one month I almost doubled my entire first 5 months of sales. In June I released a new series, a vampire romance/urban fantasy. That brought my total published books up to 3.

June 2010            56/$26.25

July 2010             31/$51.23

My sales jumped even more as you can see with the third book, and my royalty jumped up in July thanks to Kindle increasing royalty rates to 70%. Actual sales suffered when I raised prices to take advantage of the new rate, but over all royalty still increased.

In August I released another book series. This, too, was a vampire book as I kind of got hooked on that genre around this time. So now I’m up to four books in all.

August 2010   52/$69.81

Sept. 2010       68/$116.61

Oct. 2010         61/$96/45

As you can see sales are a bit more brisk here. Royalty is actually starting to look like a usable sum, for at least some uses. In November I published my books on Pub-it. (A ebook format for the Nook, sponsored by Barnes and Noble.)

Nov. 2010       91/$156.26

Dec. 2010     151/$154.65

You may have noticed that sales are now increasing even more. It’s now been a year since I published. Even with increased sales at this time, I was feeling a bit down. I had hoped that within in a year I would have seen better results than what I was seeing. So I made the decision to begin playing with my prices. I lowered one of my vampire series to the bare minimum allowed. My goal was to attract more readers for the sequel to my first vampire novel that I was going to release in January. Here were my results.

Jan. 2011    389/$307.68

As you can see, there was a big jump that coincided with a lowering of price to my book and the release of it’s sequel. In fact a big jump. As of this month, the growth has continued. Three of my books are on there genre best seller lists, and in fact my first vampire novel is actually #3 at this moment in Gothic romance. How many have I sold this month alone? Let me show you. As of this moment:

Feb. 2011  1489/???

I haven’t been given a royalty statement yet as the month isn’t over yet. At the moment I’m selling over 140 books a day. I may make it to 2000 books sold this month alone. If it stays at 140 a day next month, then I will sell almost 5,000 books next month alone. I’m pretty happy about all this. I’m working on a sequel even now for the second series of my vampire books. Growth is still going up, it’s not stagnant at all. If it keeps up, I will actually be able to live on this income now.

That’s whats been happening to me this last year. Year one I sold 500 books. so far in year two, I’ve sold almost 2000 books in two months. Wow…Just Wow.  I’m looking forward to March, when I’m sure I will sell close to if not 5,000 books. I’m glad I self published, and if you’re thinking about doing it, I heartily recommend it.



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4 Responses to “A year in review”

  1. Man it looks like your starting to become successful! I love any inspiration I can get. It means a lot to see your blog and your numbers grow. I just published my first book this money. I’m in college and could really use the extra money. I know I’m a long way away, but I still have a little hope. So far I’ve sold 2 books for .99 cents a piece (Mom and Sister). I’d love to subscribe to your page and see your success. Please message me any advice or tips. Best of Luck.

    • Thanks. I don’t know about being successful, but I’m certainly seeing things heading up. I actually sold over 5,000 books in march. Was really nice.

  2. *month

  3. Dang! Congradulations. I put other author’s books up on my page and I’d like to put yours up if it’s okay. I only average about 15 views a day but it couldn’t hurt anything. What’s the name of it so I can get the pic off amazon?

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