My ocean trip

The beach at Long Beach Peninsula, WA, and the...

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I went to the ocean this weekend. It was fun just to get away and relax. I took my laptop with me and worked on the sequel to Shades of Twilight, so it wasn’t like I didn’t do anything. I had this idea that when I came back, I would have this massive amount of work done. Of course that never happened. I did however finish another chapter of Shades of Darkness, so that was a plus. After spending the weekend at Long Beach, we drove down the coast to Tilamook and then headed inland back to Portland. My friend was freaking out a bit as the road turned to be a pass that went over 1,500 feet high in elevation, so snow lined the the side of the roads and the landscape had the feel of Christmas to it. I don’t think it would have bothered her if she had traction tires or snow chins in the trunk, but apparently she doesn’t carry those with her. The fact that there were signs everywhere saying that you had to have them really made her worry. I just laughed, as I figured we would just turn around and go back the way we came if the roads got too bad, which they never did.


Turns out half the reason she was freaked was because she could have gotten a ticket for not having chains in a chains area. I didn’t know that. I guess we learn something new everyday. Beyond that, work continues on the sequel. I hope to have it done by the end of this month but if not, then sometime next month. Sooner I would think, rather than later.


~ by targoun on March 7, 2011.

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