Whats going on with me.

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So what is it with me never having the time to blog? I swear I always decided that I’m going to blog more frequently, and keep up with my Facebook, and oh yeah twitter more, and pay attention to goodreads comments, and keep track of the forums i’m on and let’s not forget the guest blog’s I quit dioing and…. Hmm… Maybe that’s why I’m never updating. Sound’s like I’m stretching myself too thin. I’m not sure how so many authors keep up with everything.

Well let’s see whats new. I just finished my sixth book Shades of Blood. It’s the sequel to Shades of Twilight. Should be on sale at Amazon here any day now, and I should be finishing up on several novellas I’ve started and never finished. I’m thinking about buying a Amtrak rail pass and just riding the train around the country for a month and doing some writing. Not sure yet, that’s up for more thought. Other then that, I should be moving into a new place soon. Not sure what yet, but I’m looking forward to that as well. Of course if I go on that rail pass, I might just put out moving into a new place for when I get back. Anyways, I’ll try to post here more. Till later, cya.


~ by targoun on May 27, 2011.

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