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I’m thinking about moving my blog to blogger. I’m not sure yet as I have been on this site for what seems like forever. But blogger seems to be a lot more flexible, and I notice that most of the authors I know are on blogger rather then WordPress. So I’m not sure what I’m going to do, but it is on my mind the last few days.

It just seems like I have more difficulty getting this site to do what I want… Oh well. I’m getting ready to actually write out book three of Fallen Blood now. I’ve been meaning to do it for the last few days, but I’ve been really sick. I’ve got most of the hard stuff done, now all I have to do is put it on paper… or at least in this instance in my computer so we can begin editing it. I have no idea why I procrastinate doing this part.

It always seems like an impossible job when I actually start putting it in writing. Even when I’m down to the last few chapters. Must be psychological or something. I love creating, but I hate feeling like I’m on a schedule, or the reverse… that I’m not going to ever be finished. Anyways hopefully not much longer. The story’s done, just the writing and editing is left.

On that note I’m experimenting with Dragon speak now. Think it’s called that…at least near enough. It’s a dictation program. You speak into the mic, and it writes out what you say. I’m hoping it will increase my speed. I think it will as my test projects have gone incredibly fast. So all I got to do is pull myself  away from the internet, and wall la!

Easier said then done. Anyways I’m off. Hope everyone’s summer is going good.


Chronicles of Blood Summer sale

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I decided just for the last few days of July to put Chronicles of Blood on sale to help kick it off a bit more.

This book is actually four books in one, ranging in prices from 0.99 to 2.99. So it would actually be around $8.00 for all the books if you picked them up individually.

For the rest of July, you can get all four of my vampire books bundled into one book for the low sale price of $2.99

So, if you’ve been waiting to pick any of these up…now’s the time! Chronicles will be going back up to $5.99 on the 1st.

You can pick Chronicles up at either Amazon or Barnes and Noble’s pubit.

Thanks everyone!

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Today I’m almost completely moved into my new apartment. I was debating on going on a sabbatical or starting my new life by getting a real place. The place won out. For those of you who didn’t know, I have been living in my RV for the past four years. In effect homeless since my marriage fell on the rocks. I’ve survived, I wouldn’t say I was living or for that matter having a life. Now thanks to my writing and the support of all of my wonderful readers I’m finally able to say that I’m not homeless any longer.

Thank you everyone for giving me a chance to turn my life around. It wasn’t that long ago that I thought it was over. A heart attack, the loss of my work, then my marriage, and soon after  my home and van. My health deteriorated after that, and I spent everyday waiting for the end to come. If it hadn’t been for my two kids who encouraged me to keep going, and then later to write, I don’t think I ever would have come out of the darkness that had a grip on my life.

The fact that my writing has actually found a place to entertain others is more of a bonus that I would have never thought possible. I can’t tell all of you thanks enough. I hope to keep writing about Brian and Heather, Melissa and Michael. Not to mention several people you haven’t met yet in other soon to be written books.

Thank you


Books live!

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Here’s the link to my new book for those who have been waiting.

For some reason it’s still having difficulty popping up on the search engine over there.

Whats going on with me.

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So what is it with me never having the time to blog? I swear I always decided that I’m going to blog more frequently, and keep up with my Facebook, and oh yeah twitter more, and pay attention to goodreads comments, and keep track of the forums i’m on and let’s not forget the guest blog’s I quit dioing and…. Hmm… Maybe that’s why I’m never updating. Sound’s like I’m stretching myself too thin. I’m not sure how so many authors keep up with everything.

Well let’s see whats new. I just finished my sixth book Shades of Blood. It’s the sequel to Shades of Twilight. Should be on sale at Amazon here any day now, and I should be finishing up on several novellas I’ve started and never finished. I’m thinking about buying a Amtrak rail pass and just riding the train around the country for a month and doing some writing. Not sure yet, that’s up for more thought. Other then that, I should be moving into a new place soon. Not sure what yet, but I’m looking forward to that as well. Of course if I go on that rail pass, I might just put out moving into a new place for when I get back. Anyways, I’ll try to post here more. Till later, cya.

My ocean trip

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I went to the ocean this weekend. It was fun just to get away and relax. I took my laptop with me and worked on the sequel to Shades of Twilight, so it wasn’t like I didn’t do anything. I had this idea that when I came back, I would have this massive amount of work done. Of course that never happened. I did however finish another chapter of Shades of Darkness, so that was a plus. After spending the weekend at Long Beach, we drove down the coast to Tilamook and then headed inland back to Portland. My friend was freaking out a bit as the road turned to be a pass that went over 1,500 feet high in elevation, so snow lined the the side of the roads and the landscape had the feel of Christmas to it. I don’t think it would have bothered her if she had traction tires or snow chins in the trunk, but apparently she doesn’t carry those with her. The fact that there were signs everywhere saying that you had to have them really made her worry. I just laughed, as I figured we would just turn around and go back the way we came if the roads got too bad, which they never did.


Turns out half the reason she was freaked was because she could have gotten a ticket for not having chains in a chains area. I didn’t know that. I guess we learn something new everyday. Beyond that, work continues on the sequel. I hope to have it done by the end of this month but if not, then sometime next month. Sooner I would think, rather than later.

A year in review

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Well, I’m guessing that some of you are wondering how it’s going for this new author. I have to admit it’s been quite a ride of discovery over the last year. So far I would say it’s been pretty successful as well. How successful you ask? Well, lets take a look. I self published back in December of 2009. I had one book at the time and I published through Kindle. My first couple of months were less than spectacular. After all I didn’t have a clue what I was doing.  So here’s the first 5 months, royalty included.

Sales/ Royalty

Dec. 2009              6/$2.10

Jan. 2010               8/$2.80

Feb. 2010            16/$8.05

March 2010          5/$3.50

April 2010             7/2.45

As you can see, I’m not going to get rich at that rate. Sales were almost non-existent at that point. In May I released my book’s sequel.

May 2010             35/$12.95

Apparently releasing the new book caused a surge of interest.  In one month I almost doubled my entire first 5 months of sales. In June I released a new series, a vampire romance/urban fantasy. That brought my total published books up to 3.

June 2010            56/$26.25

July 2010             31/$51.23

My sales jumped even more as you can see with the third book, and my royalty jumped up in July thanks to Kindle increasing royalty rates to 70%. Actual sales suffered when I raised prices to take advantage of the new rate, but over all royalty still increased.

In August I released another book series. This, too, was a vampire book as I kind of got hooked on that genre around this time. So now I’m up to four books in all.

August 2010   52/$69.81

Sept. 2010       68/$116.61

Oct. 2010         61/$96/45

As you can see sales are a bit more brisk here. Royalty is actually starting to look like a usable sum, for at least some uses. In November I published my books on Pub-it. (A ebook format for the Nook, sponsored by Barnes and Noble.)

Nov. 2010       91/$156.26

Dec. 2010     151/$154.65

You may have noticed that sales are now increasing even more. It’s now been a year since I published. Even with increased sales at this time, I was feeling a bit down. I had hoped that within in a year I would have seen better results than what I was seeing. So I made the decision to begin playing with my prices. I lowered one of my vampire series to the bare minimum allowed. My goal was to attract more readers for the sequel to my first vampire novel that I was going to release in January. Here were my results.

Jan. 2011    389/$307.68

As you can see, there was a big jump that coincided with a lowering of price to my book and the release of it’s sequel. In fact a big jump. As of this month, the growth has continued. Three of my books are on there genre best seller lists, and in fact my first vampire novel is actually #3 at this moment in Gothic romance. How many have I sold this month alone? Let me show you. As of this moment:

Feb. 2011  1489/???

I haven’t been given a royalty statement yet as the month isn’t over yet. At the moment I’m selling over 140 books a day. I may make it to 2000 books sold this month alone. If it stays at 140 a day next month, then I will sell almost 5,000 books next month alone. I’m pretty happy about all this. I’m working on a sequel even now for the second series of my vampire books. Growth is still going up, it’s not stagnant at all. If it keeps up, I will actually be able to live on this income now.

That’s whats been happening to me this last year. Year one I sold 500 books. so far in year two, I’ve sold almost 2000 books in two months. Wow…Just Wow.  I’m looking forward to March, when I’m sure I will sell close to if not 5,000 books. I’m glad I self published, and if you’re thinking about doing it, I heartily recommend it.